In honor of Menchu Gal

Group Exhibition · Madrid · 05. 03. 2013 - 25. 04. 2013

The Modus Operandi Gallery of Madrid opens an exhibition with five artists honoring the painter, Menchu Gal. Through their projects, they pay tribute to her by interpreting her most frequent themes; interiors, still life, gardens and the mist of the Bidasoa River. The participants were Isabel Carralero, Lourdes Castro Cerón, Elena Guerrero, Dora Piñón and Lorena Serrano.

“These pieces evoke overwhelming mists of the Bidasoa River and the strong, sober character of the Cantabrian Sea. The painting are immersed with the incomparable nature of this river and sea. For Menchu Gal, in both her life and work, they were decisive issues.

“If I were completely removed from the mists,” she once said, “I know that I would die as dry as a stone.   “I am presenting a box with a series of seven pieces that had a dialogue with the sunrise in the riverbed, and a notebook with notes made during my stay in Guipúzcoa which go with a set of texts and references to musical scores that interpret the mists.”