I am currently studying movement of physical objects in their natural environments. I am interested in the relationship between gravity, traction, strength, speed, inertia, rhythm, turning, jumping, and transformation.

From real experiences, I abstract concepts into my work.

I travel to analyze the fundamental scale of things.

My travel speaks through my paintings and it determines the expression of the medium.

In my most recent project, beginning with a trip in China, I interpreted the effect of physical and atmospheric phenomena in certain scenes.

I go close to places where the magnitude of nature reaches maximum proportions.

The drawings reflect the path, the nearness, the movement and reflection in space.

Since 2002, I have been awarded grants to travel and study abroad (Argentina, Chile, USA, Russia, etc.) and to work in contact with the elements of nature.

I graduated from the Fine Arts Academy at Complutense University of Madrid where I received my PhD for research based on how painting is linked to visual poetry, musical and choreographic scores. Poetry, music and dance are present in my daily work.