The sculptor Venancio Blanco welcomes young artists in his workshop

Meeting · Madrid · 18. 05. 2013

Francisco Blanco, member of the Patrons of the Venancio Blanco Foundation, met a group of young painters, sculptors and photographers to celebrate the master´s 90th birthday. Venancio received them in his workshop and they talked about drawing, sculpture, music and dance, and of the fundamental aspects in the life of an artist. Tomas Paredes, President of the Spanish Art Critics Association accompanied them on this day and maintained a prolific and eloquent conversation with the sculptor. The meeting was attended by: Albano, Víctor Alba, Beatriz Aymat, Carlos Cartaxo, Lourdes Castro Cerón, José Luis Cremades, Irene Cruz, Javier de Benito, Helena Fernandez, Diana García Roy, Leo Garcia, Rocío Guerrero, Marcos Lozano, Marta Malo and Gregorio Peño.

“Venancio speaks of life and how to shape it with wax, clay and plaster; his craft is a permanent resemblance of nature, of people, and of what is essential in all disciplines of art. It was an emotional gathering, bursting with enthusiasm, sharing the life in the workshop, the craft, and the drawing —drawing!— of which Venancio spoke with rigor and passion, because he knows that without drawing, without thinking with a pencil in hand, we cannot accomplish anything. He is a sculptor, and a person who simultaneously has the soul of a master, enjoying and sharing with the young, anecdotes of a full life —commitment, struggles and joys— and secrets in the presence of pieces that transcend Matter.”




Photography II–III: Marta Malo