LiveSpeaking inaugurates a new edition with the presentation, The medium: a link between the trip and painting

Conference · 16. 09. 2015

Last September 16, in the courtyard of the Nazarí capital in the Albayzin in Granada, a new edition of the LiveSpeaking project took place. I participated in the event with the presentation of The medium: a link between the trip and painting

«LiveSpeaking is an interdisciplinary communications platform for ideas, processes, and artistic and intellectual creations. It is a cultural initiative for the enrichment and the search for creative methods which serve as a wake-up call for one’s inner life, and as a call to the integrity of the person and artist.”

[…] “is supported by PensArte, a meeting of restlessness from philosopher, Ana Romero Iribas, and architect, Loreto Spa.” 1

“I found out about this project from the beginning when Loreto’s and Ana’s ideas began to materialize. From the beginning, their respect and admiration, which they approach all disciplines of art, caught my attention. Their interest in the processes of work as an essential part of each project is such that we meet and share time and place for conversation.

It has been a good and rewarding opportunity, both preparing the talk as well as the colloquium in the second part. It is important to listen to the thoughts of others who are close to my work. Undoubtedly, the intimate and warm climate of LiveSpeaking encourages dialogue.

In the talk I have referred to, there were two aspects upon which rest my paintings: the work I do on every trip and the development of the ideas in the workshop.

“The place where LiveSpeaking was held is very special, very beautiful. Moreover, for me, it felt great coming back to Granada, because here, through the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation, I worked for the first time on the themes of earth, land, and terrain.»


1 Prologue to LiveSpeaking. Available at