RVDV magazine publishes an interview on China, A Trip Drawn project

Interview · Cádiz · 01. 03. 2014

In Issue Number 53 of RVDV Magazine, printed by Provincial Culture Foundation (FPC) Delegation of Cádiz, an interview was published about my stay in China and my on-going painting project as a result that trip.

In their section, “In a Strange Land”, RVDV presents the work of artists born in Cádiz who develop projects related to any art discipline and who have spent significant amounts of time outside Spain.

In this interview, Paco Mármol asks me eight questions that refer to what he called a “multi-faceted project”. The FPC Editorial Staff are the author of these pages and are written with sensitivity and the utmost respect.

My answers are focused from many points of view and from various interests. It was both my task and my responsibility to reflect on what I wanted to say and how to say it while being faithful to the purpose of the project.

Consistent with what I intended to do at the beginning of each trip, my choice for this interview was to talk about the goodness of the people who have done much for me and who have taught me the solemnity of a landscape, and the obsession of the painter – in this case mine – which, from insignificance and humility, faced the challenge of explaining why people are the way they are, and what the nature of a region is.

The people in China who were with me will probably never read what I have spoken about during this interview, but these words are one way of expressing my gratitude for them and to the magnitude of Creation.