The University of Murcia 16th painting award-winners exhibited in Pedro Cano Foundation

Group Exhibition · Blanca · 05. 05. 2016 - 30. 06. 2016

On May 5th, the Temporary Exhibitions Hall in the Pedro Cano Foundation was opened for the collections exhibition for the University of Murcia 16th Annual Painting Awards. At the ceremony were representatives of the University and the painter, Pedro Cano.

The Pedro Cano Foundation, with its headquarters in Blanca (Murcia), is a space created to permanently show the work of Cano. One of the rooms of the emblematic building in the Ricote Valley is used for temporary exhibitions. The University of Murcia frequently collaborates with the institution.

«It is a very interesting space to exhibit paintings. The Foundation is located in a quiet environment; it is not a place frequented by passers-by, and it’s precisely this that provides it with a special interest. I think that it is here where paintings draw their strength, their vitality and prominence: the apparent isolation lets you breathe and mutes the noises… The valley, the surroundings, as well as the building itself, deserve special attention.

That the selected and prize-winning pieces will participate in a tour is a great opportunity; paintings were created to be seen.

I attended this exhibition to finalize the details of an extended overseas trip that I will be doing next fall, thanks to the award. And so, many are my words of thanks.»


Pedro Cano Foundation
Avenida del Río Segura  S/N
Blanca, Murcia


Photo 6 Pedro Cano Foundation