Collaboration in the publication Conservation of Contemporary Art

Publication · 01. 09. 2015

The canvas Cyclic Force I participated in the section Recently Painted, of the digital magazine, Conservation of Contemporary Art. The editor for this section, Javier Badenes Martin, highlights recent works that have not yet left the artist’s workshop as well as those not yet released for public viewing.

«I collaborated in this section with text and a canvas produced during the summer in an area on the Atlantic coast. I am currently taking notes for the Kinetic Studies project. I’m studying from different themes the concept of movement and its links with a particular sound. I am interested in what happens when a object moves, how it reacts when it hits another object, when it travels over a distance – and the sound of what is not perceived but that which causes others things to move.»

«The development of this work has been decisive to establish (incipient) analogies between the choreographic movement and the movement of water. Both the body and the water jump and are separated from a center of gravity. In both cases, the action is simultaneous with a noise or specific sound.»

Javier Badenes Martín performs the dual activity as Commissioner and Conservator of the Citerior Arts Collection that includes Spanish Art from the 1950’s to the present day.


Cyclic Force I
130 x 145 cm.
51.2 x 57.1 in


ISSN 2444-1228