In the Rivadavia Gallery of Cadiz, opens the exhibition Reflection and Medium: China

Individual exhibition · Cádiz · 26. 11. 2014 - 19. 12. 2014

Within the framework of the travelling exhibition organized by the Provincial Cultural Foundation (FPC) Delegation of Cadiz , opens —in the Rivadavia Gallery— the exhibit Reflection and Medium: China. It begins with my travels to China. The display includes photographs, sketches and letters which record the work process. It is a multifaceted project designed from painting.

“The works presented are an interpretation of the primal behavior of nature, taking into account the impact of atmospheric and physical elements of specific sceneries in China.

Each exhibits is introduced with reference to nature that builds, dissolves, stains, transforms, splashes, filters, drags, projects, draws and appeals to the painting. Reflection of things is essential in my work and these insights are embodied in each painting.

The Gallery includes a video projection of images and sounds of the trip, scenes which were instrumental in the project.

The sketches done in China are displayed in a glass case. Small and delicate, these are the most intimate part of the process which suffered greatly during the tour. These notes and drawings helped me to study the scenery, atmosphere, color … and to become intimate to a village that I gradually learned to love.

Texts put words to the essence of the project : painting dialogue with nature and human travel experience permeate the plastic elements of each composition – line, color, structure, medium.”
















Inauguración Reflexión y Materia: China, de Lourdes Castro Cerón, en la Sala Rivadavia from Lourdes Castro Cerón on Vimeo.