The University of Murcia XVI Prize for Painting Award

Prize · Murcia · 08. 10. 2015 - 08. 11. 2015

On October 8 the University of Murcia exhibition for the 16th Prize for Painting was inaugurated. I participated in this exhibition and was awarded first prize for the Tuojiang River I (Fenghuang) canvas.

The event was chaired by members of the Jury and representatives of the sponsoring institutions: City Hall of Murcia, the Fuentes Vincente Foundation and the Cajamar Foundation.

The exhibition was held in the Almudí Palace Art Center (Murcia) from October 8 to November 8, 2015.

«I am very grateful for this recognition. It is an important motivation to continue working.»

«The painting belongs to my latest project which has as its source a trip in China. The entire project can be seen for several months in a travelling exhibition organized by the Cadiz Provincial Council. This canvas, through the prize that has been received, is going to open the door for another trip.»

«It is a pleasure to participate in this exhibition with colleagues who have extraordinary careers, and the Almudí Palace, a beautiful setting where the painting has been placed in a stunning location.»

Almudí Art Center Palace
Plano de San Francisco, 8. Murcia