The University of Murcia XVI Prize for Painting Award

Prize · Murcia · 08. 10. 2015 - 08. 11. 2015

On October 8 the University of Murcia exhibition for the 16th Prize for Painting was inaugurated. I participated in this exhibition and was awarded first prize for the Tuojiang River I (Fenghuang) canvas.

Collaboration in the publication Conservation of Contemporary Art

Publication · 01. 09. 2015

The canvas Cyclic Force I participated in the section Recently Painted, of the digital magazine, Conservation of Contemporary Art. The editor for this section, Javier Badenes Martín, highlights recent works that have not yet left the artist’s workshop as well as those not yet released for public viewing.

In the Rivadavia Gallery of Cadiz, opens the exhibition Reflection and Medium: China

Individual exhibition · Cádiz · 26. 11. 2014 - 19. 12. 2014

Within the framework of the travelling exhibition organized by the Provincial Cultural Foundation (FPC) Delegation of Cadiz , opens —in the Rivadavia Gallery— the exhibit Reflection and Medium: China. It begins with my travels to China. The display includes photographs, sketches and letters which record the work process. It is a multifaceted project designed from painting.

Inauguration of 21st Annual Exhibition of the López–Villaseñor’s Arts Award

Group Exhibition · Ciudad Real · 18. 12. 2013 - 19. 01. 2014

On December 18 the Honorable Mrs. Rosa Romero Sanchez, Mayor of Ciudad Real, and Mr. D. Pedro Lozano Crespo, Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Ciudad Real, presided over the 21st Annual López–Villaseñor Prize for Plastic Arts awards ceremony, and the inauguration of the group exhibition of awarded and selected works in the Museum López–Villaseñor.

The sculptor Venancio Blanco welcomes young artists in his workshop

Meeting · Madrid · 18. 05. 2013

Francisco Blanco, member of the Patrons of the Venancio Blanco Foundation, met a group of young painters, sculptors and photographers to celebrate the master´s 90th birthday. Venancio received them in his workshop and they talked about drawing, sculpture, music and dance, and of the fundamental aspects in the life of an artist.

In honor of Menchu Gal

Group Exhibition · Madrid · 05. 03. 2013 - 25. 04. 2013

The Modus Operandi Gallery of Madrid opens an exhibition with five artists honoring the painter, Menchu Gal. Through their projects, they pay tribute to her by interpreting her most frequent themes; interiors, still life, gardens and the mist of the Bidasoa River. The participants were Isabel Carralero, Lourdes Castro Cerón, Elena Guerrero, Dora Piñón and Lorena Serrano.